25 Cafes in Tokyo, Japan: Cafe Mame Hiko Shibuya Cafe in Tokyo, Japan

Cafe Mame Hico Shibuya in Tokyo, Japan

A lot of effort has obviously been put into the design and concept of the cafe, resulting in something that’s equally modern, fresh and warm with a strong Western influence in both design and service.

25 Cafes in Tokyo Japan: Olu Olu Cafe Hawaiian No Smoking Vegetarian Cafe in Tokyo, Japan

Olu Olu Cafe in Tokyo, Japan

Olu Olu Cafe (“olu olu” means “please” in Hawaiian) is a charming little place run by a genuinely friendly couple who have created a cafe that’s equally both welcoming and fresh. The interior design is

25Cafes in Tokyo Japan: Nozy Coffee Smoke Free Coffee Shop in Sangenjaya, Tokyo Japan

Nozy Coffee in Tokyo, Japan

Nozy Coffee is a lovely authentic little coffee shop located in the popular Sangenjaya area of Tokyo which lies just one station (on the express train) from Shibuya on the Denentoshin Line. The area is

25 Cafes in Tokyo, Japan: Caffe Appassionato in Hiro-o, Tokyo

Cafe Appassionato in Tokyo, Japan

While a new cafe (just opened in early 2012), Cafe Appassionato is in fact an offshoot of an American cafe chain that appears to be striving for a more authentic Italian cafe feel yet still

25 Cafes in Tokyo, Japan: Pure Cafe in Omotesando, Tokyo Japan

Pure Cafe in Tokyo, Japan

Pure Cafe has been open since 2003 and has built up a very good reputation and become a popular destination for Tokyoites after a smoke free cafe with quality food and drinks and a trendy,

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