Cafe Comme Ca in Minami Machida, Yokohama, Japan

Quick Coffee and Cake. LOTS of Cake

Cafe Comme Ca in Minami Machida, Yokohama, Japan

If you’ve ever spent any time clothes shopping in Japan, you no doubt would have come across the incredibly popular Japanese fashion chain COMME CA ISM.

As the name implies, Cafe Comme Ca is a spin-off of the main brand that focuses entirely on being a cafe though does retain the aesthetics of the original clothing stores (think white, lots of white) in an attempt to evolve the company name from purely a fashion label to more of an entire lifestyle brand.

While there are several salad and pasta sets, the main focus at Cafe Comme Ca is definitely the cakes and tarts with an absolute huge selection to choose from. The entire menu is entirely in Japanese and can be quite confusing to understand even if you bring a Japanese person along with you to help ordering.

Despite the menu presenting entire cakes, your order thankfully contains just a slice of your selection and while it doesn’t exactly mention it in the menu, most of the drinks in the sets entitle you to as many free refills as you would like, you simply need to ask one of the waitresses when you feel like another cup.

Cafe Comme Ca in Minami Machida, Yokohama, Japan
Cafe Comme Ca in Minami Machida, Yokohama, Japan

The cakes we tried were an impressive serving size, tasted great and were surprisingly a great topic of conversation due to their complexity and originality. The coffee and tea on the other hand were rather ordinary though by no means bad, and hey, it’s hard to feel disappointed with unlimited free refills.

Something that was a bit of a let down though was the atmosphere. While I can see the appeal of using white and smooth surfaces in a clothes store, I’m not entirely sure that that same design choice is well suited to a cafe as it creates more of a cold, sterile vibe instead of the warm, cosy feeling that most people prefer in a cafe, especially if you’re after a place to wind down and relax in.

Station: Minami Machida
Train Line: Denentoshin
Features: 100% no smoking
Menu Language: Japanese
Hours: 10am – 8pm
Address: 〒194-8509 東京都町田市鶴間3-4-1 グランベリーモールC-2棟
C-2 Homelife Garden, Grandberry Mall, 3-4-1 Tsuruma, Machida, Tokyo 194-8509
Phone Number: 042-799-1751
Website: (Japanese) & (Japanese).
Map: View on GoogleMaps

How to Get to Cafe Comme Ca

Take the South Exit from Minami Machida station. Walk through the first section of Grandberry Mall past the Kaldi Coffee Farm and Buffet Grand China and cross the road via the walkway on the left. After walking down the steps from the walkway, you should see Cafe Comme Ca immediately on your right.

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