Cafe Mame Hico Shibuya in Tokyo, Japan

25 Cafes in Tokyo, Japan: Cafe Mame Hiko Shibuya Cafe in Tokyo, Japan
25 Cafes in Tokyo, Japan: Cafe Mame Hiko Shibuya Cafe in Tokyo, Japan

A lot of effort has obviously been put into the design and concept of the cafe, resulting in something that’s equally modern, fresh and warm with a strong Western influence in both design and service.

25 Cafes in Tokyo, Japan: Cafe Mame Hiko Shibuya Cafe in Tokyo, Japan
25 Cafes in Tokyo, Japan: Cafe Mame Hiko Shibuya Cafe in Tokyo, Japan

Cafe Mame Hico Shibuya has to be without a doubt one of the best hidden treasures in the Shibuya area. Situated amongst the fascinating small backstreets of Shibuya, which are worth checking out in their own right, it manages to maintain a quiet relaxing atmosphere and features a massive open space with a variety of seating arrangements from individual tables to private booths that are sure to satisfy any visitor.

25 Cafes in Tokyo, Japan: Cafe Mame Hiko Shibuya Cafe in Tokyo, Japan There is a rather impressive amount of food and drinks available though unfortunately the menus are entirely in Japanese and use a lot of cafe lingo which could make ordering quite difficult unless you or someone you’re with has a good grasp of the Japanese language. The menu is also entirely text based which could add another difficulty level depending on your ability.

While there were several salads and curries available we both ordered a hot dog each which was of surprisingly good quality and tasted great. The meat and bread were both of a good standard and it came with a good serving of fresh vegetables and spices. I also ordered a regular ice coffee and really got a kick out of it being served in a metal cup which just looked plain cool and tasted great in it’s own right. Both set me back around the 1000 yen mark which was a very good price for the quality provided.

Having such a nice time in this smoke free cafe, we decided to stay a bit longer and ordered some soy banana muffins and cheescake. These were both fantastic and really topped off a wonderful experience.

We visited around 11am and found the place to be rather empty but at midday it quickly filled up and seemed to stay that way for the following few hours so I would highly recommend coming before the lunch time rush.

25Cafes in Tokyo Japan: Cafe Mame Cafe Shibuya in Tokyo, Japan Station: Shibuya
Train Line: Yamanote, Ginza, Fukutoshin, Denentoshin, Hanzomon

Features: 100% smoke free
Menu Language: Japanese
Hours: 8am- 11pm

Address: 〒150-0042 東京都渋谷区宇田川町37-11 1F
37-11-1F Udagawacho, Shibuya Ku, Tokyo 150-0042

Phone Number: 03 6427 0745
Website: (Japanese)

Map: View on GoogleMaps
Directions: Once arriving at Shibuya, take the Hachiko Exit and cross the famous Shibuya Crossing to the equally famous Shibuya 109 shopping building. Walk up this road so that 109 is on your left. You should immediately walk past a LABI electronics store, also on your left.
After a few minutes you will get to a large fork in the road. Cross over to the right side of the road with the Shibuya Flag store on it and continue walking up hill. You should soon see a 7/11 convenience store on your right. Cafe Mame Hico Shibuya is located on the ground floor of the same building though you will have to walk around the back and look for the rather inconspicuous wooden doors to get in.

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  1. Visited here on Wednesday and loved the ambiance and the quality was really good. Definitely worth a visit, and finding it feels like a small adventure, a definite sense of satisfaction at finding those wooden doors.

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