Cafe Solo in Numabukuro, Tokyo, Japan

Small Interior, Big heart, Good Coffee

Cafe Solo in Numabukuro, Tokyo, Japan

While it may be small, the size of the cafe doesn’t mean you’ll miss out on a seat as most people in the area tend to go to the McDonalds and Dotour Coffee just down the road. The quaintness of the interior also creates it a much more personal vibe than the larger chains which works well with the kind owner of Cafe Solo who lets you enjoy the quietness he’s created though will also participate in conversations with customers.

He does only speak Japanese so naturally the menu is also in Japanese. However it’s not really much of a hurdle as pretty much all of the items on the menu are English words, just written in Japanese script (i.e. Cake/Keki, Coffee/Kohi) which sound absolutely comprehensible to an English speaker once read to you either by the owner (who is more than willing) or a Japanese friend.

Coffee buffs should enjoy the huge variety of coffee blends which can be had hot (cup) or iced (glass). There’s also quite a big collection of tea that’s served in a teapot  which tends to give you a bigger overall serving than the coffee. Both coffee and tea will set you back about 400 yen each.

Unfortunately there isn’t as big a selection of food, though if you’re not coming for a major meal that shouldn’t be an issue. Having said that, an extra 250 yen can get you one of two choices in cake, normally a cheesecake or pound-cake and he also prepares his own mini pizza or toast on request.

It’s rather nice to be writing about this little cafe first for 25 Cafes as it’s one I personally use on a regular basis to go to for studying or some quiet reading time. It may or may not be convenient depending on where you are in Tokyo.

Station: Numabukuro
Train Line: Seibu Shinjuku Line
Features: 100% smoke free
Menu Language: Japanese
Address: 〒165-0025 東京都中野区沼袋2-30-5
2-30-5 Numabukuro, Nakano Ku, Tokyo 165-0025
Phone Number: 03-5380-0539
Website: NA
Map: View on Google Maps.

How to Get to Cafe Solo in Numabukuro

Cafe Solo is located in the little known area called Numabukuro which sits just four local stops on the Seibu Shinjuku Line from Takadanobaba which itself connects to the famous Yamanote Line, also known as “The Loop”.

Once you arrive at Numabukuro Station, exit via the North side and walk up the main shopping street. If you find yourself getting spun around, remember that the main shopping street is on the road that crosses the train tracks and goes up a slight hill. Walk up this street for about five minutes and you should see it on your right side. Be careful not to miss it as it is quite small.

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