Caffe Classica in Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan

Italian and Japanese fusion presented with style

Caffe Classica in Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan

When I first saw Caffe Classica, I was a bit intimidated by the prices which are noticeably higher than the Caslon Cafe which is right next door.

While Caslon Cafe is more of a casual book store / cafe hybrid, Cafe Classic is in a very different genre, aiming for the upper class Italian cafe vibe with an Asian twist.

The menus feature both Japanese and Italian language options though I was able to guesstimate what was what using my English ability so the ordering wasn’t that much of a hurdle. The staff only appear to speak Japanese though but again this shouldn’t cause any problems as they’re very friendly and even offered to customise a set just for me by swapping an entre for a dessert.

Being on a budget I stuck with a basic lunch set which included an entre (or in my case a dessert), a drink (I chose some tea which was rather nice) and a main pasta dish.

The quality was very high overall at Caffe Classica with everything being well presented and prepared with the pasta in particular being a stand out. I must mention though that while this was enough for me at the time, if you’re feeling particularly hungry I would recommend one of the much more expensive lunches as the average lunch set what fairly small even by Japanese standards. If you’re feeling like something larger, be prepared to pay for it as some meals here fall in the 1500 to 5000 yen range.

Also on the menu is a large selection of wines and other alcoholic beverages and what’s interesting is that they’ve actually created a type of standing bar near the entrance for those just feeling like a casual drink. This area was pretty empty when I came during the middle of the day though I have noticed it to be a bit busier after work around 7pm onwards. While nice, it is in no ways a substitute for a dedicated bar so don’t come here if you’re expecting a wild night on the town.

Overall I really enjoyed Caffe Classica. I loved the Italian / Japanese fusion interior design and the quality Italian food which can be hard to come by in Tokyo.

The prices may be a turn off for some though if you feel like splurging and you’re in the neighbourhood, check it out.

Station: Shinawgawa
Train Line: Tokaido Shinkansen (bullet train), Keihin Tohoku, Tokaido Main, Yamanote, Yokosuka and Keikyu Main
Features: 100% smoke free
Menu Language: Italian and Japanese
Hours: Monday – Saturday; 11am – 11pm, Sunday; 11am – 9pm
Address: 〒108-0074 東京都港区高輪3-26-27 ecute品川 2F
2F ecute Shinagawa, 3-26-27 Shinagawa, Tokyo 108-0074
Phone Number: 03-3449-6788
Website: (Japanese)
Map: View on GoogleMaps

How to Get to Caffe Classica

This cool cafe is located within the ticket gates in the massive Shinagawa Station, upstairs in the “eCute” shopping centre.

This location makes it great if you’re catching a shinkansen (bullet train) and you want somewhere nice to sit and relax while you’re waiting for your train.

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