Cool Cafes on NHK World’s Tokyo Eye

25 Cafes on NHK World Tokyo Eye Cool Cafes Episode

A few weeks ago I was contacted by NHK World and asked if I would be interested in being the resident “Cafe Specialist” on a special Tokyo cafes episode of their travel show, Tokyo Eye.

25 Cafes on NHK World Tokyo Eye Cool Cafes EpisodeTurns out they had been looking for someone who knew a lot about cafes in Tokyo and had been impressed with my stint on several episodes of the Tokyo Podcast podcast. We quickly organised an interview (in a cafe of course) and hammered out the details.

I was actually surprised to hear that the filming would happen over the span of several days but be edited together to create the illusion that we had visited them all on the one day. Naturally this makes perfect sense and definitely explains all those restaurant hopping shows you see on Japanese TV with hosts eating entire menus of several restaurants all seemingly within the span of a few hours.

25 Cafes on NHK World Tokyo Eye Cool Cafes EpisodeWhile the staff had already decided on which cafes they wanted to feature, I was happy to see that one of my real personal favourites, Pure Cafe was among them.

The other three cafes we visited were all rather distinct. There was the Falconers Cafe in Kichijoji which was definitely a memorable experience. Not every day you get to sit in a cafe with owls and eagles. Due to it being a smoking cafe though I’m not sure if I’ll write a feature about it here on 25 Cafes but I definitely will for the Starry Cafe in Haneda Airport which features movies projected on the ceiling and the Fab Cafe in Shibuya that let me both drink coffee and try out 3D printing for the first time!

25 Cafes on NHK World Tokyo Eye Cool Cafes Episode
25 Cafes on NHK World Tokyo Eye Cool Cafes Episode

25 Cafes on NHK World Tokyo Eye Cool Cafes EpisodeThe whole experience was excellent fun and something I look forward to doing again. It was definitely interesting comparing the differences between writing about cafes and talking about them on camera and it was absolutely exciting to see 25 Cafes itself shown on TV around the world.

I’ve definitely noticed a big spike in traffic to the site since the airing of the episode so a big welcome to all my new readers!

You may noticed that cafe reviews seemed to have slowed down recently. This was unfortunately due to my heavy offline workload that completely took up all of my writing time but I’ve gotten back into the cafe hopping spirit and have a number of new cafe articles coming in the next few days, weeks and months ahead on a much more regular basis.

25 Cafes on NHK World Tokyo Eye Cool Cafes EpisodeI’ve also begun work on the 25 Cafes in Tokyo, Japan book which should hopefully see release this month and have lined up a few cool interviews on some Japan related podcasts that should be super fun to record.

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Thanks for all the support and have a nice coffee for me.

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  1. Congrats Brad! That’s so awesome!!

    haha, I always wondered how people could EAT SO MUCH in one day. XDD Now we know~ heheee.. did they request you to wear the same outfit?

    • lol yeah! Even did a whole day of clothes shopping for different outfits for the three days of filming! Was pretty devastated when I was told I had to wear the same thing every day lol

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