Eat More Greens in Azabu Juban, Tokyo, Japan

A Popular Vegetarian Cafe in Sailor Moon's Hometown, Azabu Juban

Eat More Greens in Azabu Juban, Tokyo, Japan

Something that struck me as soon as I entered Eat More Greens is just how rare this type of place is in Tokyo, let alone Japan!

When people first visit Tokyo they’re often shocked by the amount of smoking, lack of outdoor seating and the difficulty of finding any real vegetarian (let alone vegan!) cuisine among the restaurants and cafes in what many assumed was a forward thinking modern city.

The founders of Eat More Greens have definitely seen a need and met it on pretty much every way. The interior is 100% no smoking though people can smoke on the terrace (where I’ll definitely sit when the weather cools down a bit) if they wish.

The design aesthetic is obviously inspired by Western cafes and restaurants (their website confirms they’re going for the Soho vibe) and results in a space that’s comfortable for studying, reading, meeting up with friends, going on a date or having drinks after work. A mother at the table next to met even brought her kids here for lunch. It really does make an effort, and succeeds in appealing to almost everyone.

The staff were genuinely very friendly and spoke perfect English. The menus are also bilingual and even include allergy warnings, something I know many people will appreciate.

Health conscious eaters should be in heaven here. There’s a huge variety of vegan main dishes available. I ordered the Black Taco Rice Lunch Set which included the main dish and a drink (Organic Ceylon Iced Tea in my case) which set me back about 1100 yen. The serving size was more than enough for me. Those tired of small Japanese serving sizes should be very impressed with the food for money value.

For desert (which I barely had room for) I ordered the Vegan Apple Pie and a hot coffee. Both were bigger than expected and the apple pie was fantastic. I can’t recommend it enough!

Something I didn’t try was the huge selection of beers and wine which were available though I was so impressed with Eat More Greens that I know I’ll come back again and I can sample them then.

Highly recommended.

Station: Azabu Juban
Train Line: Oedo & Nanboku Lines
Features: 100% smoke free, huge selection of vegan, vegetarian and organic food and drinks, outdoor seating
Menu Language: English & Japanese
Hours: 11am – 11pm
Phone Number: 03-3798-3191
Address: 〒106-0045, 東京都港区麻布十番2-2-5, フレンシア麻布十番サウス 1F
1st Floor Azabu Juban South Furenshia, 2-2-5 Azabu Juban, Tokyo 106-0045
Map: View on GoogleMaps

How to Get to Eat More Greens in Azabu Juban

Eat More Greens is almost impossible to miss due to it’s size and prominent location in Azabu Juban, making it a great place to meet people. It’s just one block from Exit 4 (straight down the road, on your right) or two smaller blocks from Exit 5a. An easy place to navigate by is the Patio Juban which is on the main road in Azabu Juban near the train stations and features lots of tiled pavement, trees, steps and a small statue of a girl. If you’re in this area and facing down hill, Eat More Greens can be found by walking just one lock towards the station. It should be directly on your left. Look for the outdoor seating.

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