Sexy Asian Woman and Man reading an Amazon Kindle As soon as I reach my goal of at least 25 Cafe reviews in a city, I’ll collect all the related content (plus some exclusive added content) for publication in a 25 Cafes eBook so you can take the information on this blog with you when you travel!

This is one of my main goals with, to eventually write a whole series of 25 Cafe travel guides for numerous cities around the world. Kind of like my own Lonely Planet but focusing on a niche that most major travel guides ignore; travellers who want to find a nice quiet cafe to study in or a trendy place to meet up with friends, go on a date or expand their social circle!

I can’t wait to publish my first guide on the Amazon Kindle which has completely changed the way myself and millions of others now read books, especially when travelling!

So grab yourself a Kindle and stay tuned for future developments!

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