La Maison Du Chocolat Paris in Tokyo, Japan

25Cafes in Tokyo Japan: La Maison Du Chocolat Paris in Omotesando

25Cafes in Tokyo Japan: La Maison Du Chocolat Paris in Omotesando I came across La Maison Du Chocolat Paris while walking to a friend’s farewell party in a nearby restaurant. Two things immediately caught my attention; it was a completely smoke free cafe and it’s main focus was chocolate!

I made a note of it’s location and soon came back with a friend for an alternative Sunday morning brunch.

When we arrived we were a bit disappointed to see that it didn’t open until 11am but fortunately there is an absolutely huge selection of interesting shops in Omotesando so we had no problem at all filling in half and hour or so window shopping before making our way back.

The ground floor contains a small store where you can buy their brand of chocolate and other sweets (which are more expensive than you may expect) while upstairs features the cafe.

Upon entering I immediately noticed the warm feeling given off by the chocolate brown colours used in the interior design. If you weren’t thinking about having something chocolaty before you came in, you definitely will by the time you sit down.

25Cafes in Tokyo Japan: La Maison Du Chocolat Paris in Omotesando The menus are in Japanese and French though English speakers shouldn’t have that much of a problem working out what the French says. I ended up ordering a citrus cake and a dark hot chocolate. The cake was nice and went well with the hot chocolate though the chocolate wasn’t as dark as I would have liked. Mind you though, I am the kind of person who like’s his dark chocolate to have 99% cocoa so it may be dark for you depending on what type of person you are.

The drink and cake set cost around the 800 yen mark, which is the average cost for similar sets elsewhere in Tokyo. The staff were very friendly and the atmosphere very quiet and offers a great opportunity for some people watching via the wall to wall windows in the cafe. Don’t expect to come here for lunch though as pretty much the entire food menu is chocolate, cake and other similar sweets (they also serve coffee and tea) however if you want to try something different while in Tokyo, I highly recommend it.

La Maison Du Chocolat Paris, which is actually from Paris, also has two other cafes in Ginza and near Tokyo station. You can see more information about these two branches on their official site.

25Cafes in Tokyo Japan: La Maison Du Chocolat Paris in Omotesando Station: Omotesando
Train Line: Hanzomon, Ginza and Chiyoda Lines.

Features: 100% No Smoking
Menu Language: Japanese and French
Hours: 11am – 8pm

Address: 〒107-0061 東京都港区北青山3-10-8
3-10-8 Kita Aoyama, Minato-Ku, Tokyo, 107-0061
Phone Number: 03 3499 2168
Website: (Japanese) and (English)

Map: View on GoogleMaps
Directions: Take the B5 Exit from Omotesando and walk uphill until you get to a major intersection.
Turn right and walk past three small streets on your right hand side. La Maison Du Chocolat Paris is on the corner of the third small road, right on the corner.

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