Lindt Chocolate Cafe in Kichijoji, Tokyo Japan

25 Cafes in Tokyo Japan: Lindt Chocolate cafe in Kichoji, Tokyo Japan

This rather nice chocolate themed cafe is one of many Lindt outlets both worldwide and in Japan. The focus is of course on chocolate based drinks and upselling their own brand of chocolates which of course can be purchased in store but there are also coffee and cakes available too.

25 Cafes in Tokyo Japan: Lindt Chocolate cafe in Kichoji, Tokyo Japan

We ordered an iced chocolate and a hot coffee and while the iced chocolate was rather impressive the coffee disappointed due to the fact that it was made via a push button machine and tasted like it had come from one. 25 Cafes in Tokyo Japan: Lindt Chocolate cafe in Kichijoji, Tokyo Japan

The cakes on the other hand were superb though a little on the rich side.

Having said that though, we more than happily finished our selections and were very tempted to get seconds.

The drink and cake set us back around 1000 yen each and the quality was rather good when it came to the chocolate but if you’re after a good cup of coffee I would highly recommend going to another nearby cafe such as the Devadeva Cafe which is just around the corner and also serves a larger range of food if you’re hungry and want something substantial.

The great chocolate and cakes as well as the clean and well designed interior makes Lindt Chocolate Cafe and ideal place for dessert after eating elsewhere though.

  • 25 Cafes in Tokyo Japan: Lindt Chocolate cafe in Kichoji, Tokyo JapanStation: Kichijoji
    Train Line: Chuo, Sobu and Inokashira Lines.

    Features: 100% Smoke Free.
    Menu Language: English and Japanese.
    Hours: 9am – 10pm

    Address: 〒180-0004, 東京都武蔵野市吉祥寺本町2-13-14
    2-13-14 Kichijoji Honcho, Musashino, Tokyo 180-0004

    Phone Number: 0422-27-1906
    Website: (Japanese)

    Map: View on GoogleMaps
    Directions: Once you arrive at the surprisingly complex Kichijoji Station, head out of the North Exit and turn left. Walk with the station on your left until you get to a major road called Kichijoji Dori. Cross this road and turn right. Walk down Kichijoji Dori for three blocks. You should walk past a Tsutaya DVD rental store on your left. After the Tsutaya you should see a large tree in front of a building on a corner. Turn left and walk down this street and then take the first right. You should be in a rather open shopping space with a GAP, Zara and Starbucks. Lindt Chocolate Cafe is on the left.

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    1. Overall, having been to all of the chocolate cafes franchises in Sydney with by nerd hat on, I have to say Lindt stands out as the best Chocolate café franchise. It hits both the classy and fun boxes you need in a café such as this. The coffee, while nothing to crave over, works well with the product and is a very viable choice for someone wanting a chocolate experience of just one Lindt ball, rather then a chocolate explosion. The only down side was the nightmare quantity of mosquitos, which really killed the total class atmosphere! But I still liked it.

      • Was really surprised by the number of chocolate cafes in Sydney when I visited in Dec/Jan! Seems like a genre in itself!

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