Here is a collection of useful resources sorted by country for your convenience. It will naturally grow over time and I welcome any recommendations for sites that are missing so please feel free to tell me and others about other great sites in the comments below. Please resist just spamming your own site though. 😉


Dave’s ESL Cafe – A must visit for those interested in living and working in a foreign country. Has an incredibly useful discussion forum with information on most major and minor countries. This is the place to go for information on taxes, health insurance, and general living tips.

Amazon Kindle eReader – A must have for any traveller or cafe lover. Great way to carry all your travel books with you without breaking your back.


Tokyo Podcast – Fantastic weekly podcast covering Japanese culture, life in Tokyo and interviews with those living there.

Gaijin Pot – The best site for getting a job in Japan. – Super useful if you’re living in Japan. Super cool free one or two day shipping anywhere in Japan and has almost everything available on the other Amazon sites (including DVDs for super cheap!) – A must visit source of information on pretty much every aspect of living in Japan! Bookmark it now!

Metropolis – A free magazine that you can pick up in Tower Records (in Tokyo, of course) and numerous other locations around Tokyo. Good easy way to stay up to date with international and local events happening in town.

Visit Japan – The official Japanese tourism website. Honestly fairly disapointing and completely misses the mark when it comes to promoting Japan. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who has found it useful. Worth checking out once before a trip for extra travel ideas though best not to make it your only resource.

Being A Broad – An awesome free English language magazine for foreign women living and working in Japan. Well worth picking up if you can find it.

Japan Law Geek – Run by a Tokyo based lawyer. Interesting posts about current Japanese news events and politics. – Nice guide to Jazz clubs and bars in Tokyo. – Fantastic articles in their monthly “J-festa” feature by their cool community of bloggers.

Old Photos of Japan – A must visit site with photos from old Japan. Beautiful images.

Haiku Girl – A very popular blog with some great articles.

Japan Travel Mate – By an Australian living and working in Japan. Blogs about things to do, places to visit, and preparation for your visit to Japan.

Japan it UP! – Personal travel blog by an American. Good insight and interesting articles for those interested in Japan outside of Tokyo. – Blog by a Jamaican about Japan. Nice interesting posts. – A huge directory of blogs about Japan. – Another massive good quality site directory.

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