Olu Olu Cafe in Tokyo, Japan

25 Cafes in Tokyo Japan: Olu Olu Cafe Hawaiian No Smoking Vegetarian Cafe in Tokyo, Japan

Olu Olu Cafe (“olu olu” means “please” in Hawaiian) is a charming little place run by a genuinely friendly couple who have created a cafe that’s equally both welcoming and fresh.

25Cafes in Tokyo Japan: Olu Olu Cafe Hawaiian No Smoking Vegan Food in Tokyo, Japan

The interior design is obviously Hawaii inspired but it’s the numerous personal knick-knacks that fill the space that gives it a really warm vibe and made me feel as if I was not just sitting in a Hawaiian cafe but visiting a part of the owners’ home.

Unfortunately the menu was only in Japanese and the owners didn’t seem to speak much English but that didn’t stop them from trying their best to explain what each item on the menu was despite the language difference and they both seemed very comfortable interacting with the rather international customer base that I saw while I was there.
25 Cafes in Tokyo Japan: Olu Olu Cafe Hawaiian Smoke Free Vegan Cafe in Tokyo, Japan
Almost all the food on the menu is either vegan, vegetarian, macrobiotic or a combination of the three with a big focus on fresh food and organic produce where available. The lunch sets go for around the 1000 yen mark and come with an assortment of side dishes such as soup, pickles and brown rice. I ordered the salad and fried tofu-chicken (there were also curry and pasta dishes to choose from) and was very satisfied by the end of the meal. The “chicken” definitely tasted like tofu but I had no problem with that, especially when the brown rice and side dishes tasted so good.

There is a huge selection of tea, coffee, beer and other beverages to choose from here. I chose a hot cup of grain coffee and was really impressed with it’s quality. Grain coffee is something I’ve noticed popping up more and more in cafes in Tokyo, especially in places that target the more vegetarian crowd and I’m curious to see if it catches on. It’s definitely something I’ve been exploring more and more.

I really enjoyed my time at Olu Olu Cafe. Super friendly owners in a 100% no smoking cafe with a cool Hawaiian theme and a great selection of fresh food and drinks. Highly recommended if you’re spending some time in the Sangenjaya area.

25 Cafes in Tokyo Japan: Olu Olu Cafe Hawaiian No Smoking Vegetarian Cafe in Tokyo, JapanStation: Sangenjaya
Train Line: Denentoshin Line

Features: 100% no smoking, vegan, organic, macrobiotic and vegetarian food
Menu Language: Japanese
Hours: 11:30am – 11pm

Address: 〒154-0001 東京都世田谷区池尻1丁目11−1
1-11-1 Ikejiri, Setagaya Ku, Tokyo 154-0001

Phone Number: 03-3795-6060
Online: www.ameblo.jp/oluolucafe/ (Japanese) & @OluoluCafe

Map: View on GoogleMaps
Directions: Olu Olu Cafe is about a 10 minute walk from Sangenjaya Station. Head out of the South-East Exit (南東口) and walk up the stairs to the street level. There is a major road called Tamagawa Dori. Once you’re on street level turn right and walk along this major road. You should walk past a Mos Burger restaurant on your right hand side within a minute of walking if you’re going in the correct direction.

After Mos Burger you should pass a small street also on you’re right and after that a Family Mart convenience store. You’ll then walk past another small street on your right before getting to a major intersection. Turn right at this intersection and walk down this road, making sure you’re on the left side. As you walk down this road, pass three streets on your left hand side. You should walk past a school and a large antique store. Olu Olu Cafe is on the fourth corner with a Lawson convenience store immediately after it.

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