Saryo in Minami Machida, Yokohama, Japan

Organic Coffee with an Asian Flair

Saryo in Minami Machida, Yokohama, Japan

Located within the large outlet store area called Grandberry Mall, Saryo offers a nice escape from the numerous Western businesses with its rather impressive selection of Asian and Asian inspired foods and drinks that easily satisfies more than the Starbucks across the road and you won’t have to fight for a table to sit at with its rather large indoor dining area and outdoor seating area to choose from.

The main lunch dishes are all cooked in house and offer something for most tastes with several different udon (Japanese noodle) options, two donburi (Japanese rice, vegetable and meat bowl), two curries, a beef stew and a meat and vegetabe dish to choose from.

I chose the Hoji Tea Pork Spicy Curry which was thankfully spicier than I was expecting from a curry in Japan though will most likely disappoint those who like their curry to be at tounge destroying spicy level. The pork which had been prepared in hoji tea (which is more brown and has an earthier taste than the more popular green tea) was very tender and complemented the curry very well. I just wish there had been more of it!

Saryo in Minami Machida, Yokohama, Japan
Saryo in Minami Machida, Yokohama, Japan

All of the lunch dishes price around the 900 – 1000 yen and can be upgraded to a Drink Set for 350 yen which gives you a limited selection of drinks such as a basic black coffee or juice.

If you really want to try something different, forego the upgrade and pay extra for a drink from their absolutely massive selection of teas from Japan, China, and Taiwan. There really is a tea for all tastes.

The coffee is also good and I was really impressed with it’s presentation, served in a Japanese style tea cup as opposed to the more traditional and occassionally boring coffee mug.

To complement my coffee, I ordered a tea monte blanc tart (520 yen) which was one of many unique cakes on their menu. It wasn’t bad at all and I recommend it if you want to try something different.

Saryo in Minami Machida, Yokohama, Japan
Saryo in Minami Machida, Yokohama, Japan

Those with kids will be happy to know that Saryo has several baby chairs for use and has three differet Japanese style kids sets that come with a lunch dish, dessert and drink all for 680 yen. They’re also completely dog-friendly and with its total no smoking policy, Saryo is a great place for entire families and singles alike.

Station: Minami Machida
Train Line: Denentoshin
Features: 100% no smoking, outdoor seating, dogs allowed
Menu Language: Japanese and English
Hours: 11am – 10pm
Address: 〒194-8509 東京都町田市鶴間3-4-1 グランベリーモールE-7棟
E-7, Grandberry Mall, 3-4-1 Tsuruma, Machida, Tokyo 194-8509
Phone Number: 042-706-9808
Website: (Japanese), (Japanese)
Map: View on GoogleMaps

How to Get to Saryo in Minami Machida

Take the South Exit from the station. Walk through the first section of Grandberry Mall past the Kaldi Coffee Farm and Buffet Grand China and cross the road via the walkway on the left. After walking down the steps from the walkway, walk past Cafe Comme Ca on your right and a GAP and Starbucks on your left. Cross the road and you should see Saryo immediately on your right just next to the road you crossed.

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