Vegan Healing Cafe in Tokyo, Japan

25 Cafes in Tokyo, Japan: Vegan Healing Cafe in Shibuya

  • 25 Cafes in Tokyo, Japan: Vegan Healing Cafe in Shibuya Vegan Healing Cafe is a wonderful little hidden treasure found just a few minutes walk from the bustling Shibuya shopping district nearby and has become quite popular with both locals and tourists alike.

    They offer a pretty good selection of main courses ranging from falafels and beans stew to curry and com am phu. Everything of course is meat free though don’t let that deter you as pretty much all the food on the menu is worth trying. My personal recommendation is the falafel which comes with a decent amount of side vegetables and brown rice in addition to a small bowl of soup that comes with any main dish.

    If you or someone you’re with loves herbs you’re bound to get a kick out of the different tea blends available that come freshly fused in your own personal teapot that you can get topped up with hot water for free. They also serve some rather good organic coffee and even some organic “grain coffee” (coffee substitute created from herbs, flowers and other plants), organic beer and wine.

    The menus are completely bilingual though unfortunately most of the staff only speak Japanese. Ordering isn’t a problem though as the majority of the items on the menu sound the same in both English and Japanese and even if they don’t, a simple point to what you wish to order is all that’s required.

    25 Cafes in Tokyo, Japan: Vegan Healing Cafe in Shibuya The staff are very friendly and chilled, helping to create a very relaxing atmosphere and the choice of seating both inside and outside ensures that there’s more than enough seats available.

    Vegan Healing Cafe really deserves recognition for several reasons. Not only is it a 100% smoke free cafe (something incredibly rare in Tokyo) but it also serves organic and vegan food (which is notoriously hard to find in Japan) and maintains a consistently relaxing experience every time I’ve been either by myself or with friends on different days of the week and at different times.

    I really can’t recommend this place enough.

  • 25 Cafes in Tokyo, Japan: Vegan Healing Cafe in ShibuyaStation: Shibuya
    Train Line: Yamanote, Ginza, Fukutoshin, Denentoshin, Hanzomon.

    Features: 100% smoke free, outdoor seating and big selection of organic vegan, macrobiotic and vegetarian food and drinks.
    Menu Language: English & Japanese.

    Address: 〒150-0042 東京都渋谷区宇田川町6-20 パラシオン渋谷102号
    150-0042 Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, 6-20 Udagawa-cho, Parashion, 102 Shibuya Bldg

    Phone Number: 03-5489-5185
    Online: (English & Japanese) & @VeganCafe_jp

    Map: View on GoogleMaps
    Directions: Take the main Hachiko Exit from Shibuya Station and cross the large crossing to Tsutaya/Starbucks. Once there, walk down the street so the Tsutaya/Starbucks is directly on your right. Keep walking for about three minutes. You should walk past a McDonalds on your left.
    Once you get to the end of the street, turn right and walk up two blocks. You should see a Tokyu Hands in front of you. Turn left and walk along this road (do not turn right and walk up the hill past Tokyu Hands). You should pass a Lawson convenience store and a Freshness Burger on your left.
    Keep an eye out for a small lane heading up hill on the right hand side of the road. Head up this lane, up the stairs and once you get to the main road, turn left and you should see Vegan Healing Cafe on the street level just past a Peruvian store.

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