DNS Power Cafe in Nakano, Tokyo Japan

Organic coffee, protein shakes, and Tokyo gym culture

DNS Power Cafe in Nakano, Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo has seen a significant shift in recent years towards a better quality of living and healthier lifestyles. Large gym chains have started opening up in neighbourhoods that were previously office buildings, fast food restaurants and pachinko parlours, yoga classes are often packed to maximum capacity and a new breed of health themed restaurants and cafes focused on supporting and educating the public on health and fitness are gaining more and more cultural acceptance.

DNS Cafe, which is part of the DNS ZONE fitness store in the new Nakano Central Park complex just a few minutes walk from Nakano Station, is one such café. Obviously inspired by Western gyms and fitness bars, DNS Café offers a well-lit open space and everything a modern Tokyo city dweller could need.

DNS Power Cafe in Nakano, Tokyo, Japan
DNS Power Cafe in Nakano, Tokyo, Japan

Free unlocked Wi-Fi internet? No problem. Charging stations for your electronic devices? Sure. Completely smoke free interior and outdoor seating? It’s got that too. How about legitimately healthy and affordable food? DNS Café has you covered there as well. For just 600 yen, customers can get a large protein smoothie and the Power Plate lunch set which contains your choice of white or multigrain rice, meat (chicken breast, roast beef, steamed pork or smoked salmon) and a serving of steamed broccoli and cherry tomatoes. Numerous upgrade options are available, allowing anyone to add as much extra meat or vegetables as they like.

Fancy a coffee? DNS Cafe sells a medium sized organic coffee for a paltry 200 yen which has to be the cheapest organic coffee in Tokyo.

DNS Power Cafe in Nakano, Tokyo, Japan
DNS Power Cafe in Nakano, Tokyo, Japan

Due to its energetic atmosphere, DNS Café probably isn’t the best place for a romantic date but with its variety of seating options it is more than suitable for a lunch with friends, people watching or getting a little work done and with an opening time of 7am (truly exceptional in Tokyo), it is an ideal location for a healthy breakfast.

Station: Nakano
Train Line: Chuo and Sobu Lines
Features: 100% smoke free, outdoor seating, free Wi-Fi, organic coffee.
Menu Language: Japanese
Hours: 7am – 9pm
Address: 〒164-0001 東京都中野区中野4-10-2 中野セントラルパーク サウス1F
1F Nakano Central Park, 4-10-2 Nakano, Nakano, Tokyo 164-0001

Phone Number: 03-5942-5435
Website:www.DNSCafe.jp (Japanese)
Map:View on GoogleMaps

DNS Power Cafe in Nakano, Tokyo, Japan
DNS Power Cafe in Nakano, Tokyo, Japan

How to Get to DNS Power Cafe

Once out of the North Exit of Nakano Station, turn left and walk to the rather busy road that goes under the train tracks. Cross this road and turn right (so the tracks are behind you) and walk up towards the intersection. You should see a big building called Nakano Sun Plaze opposite you. Cross the road to this building and turn left. Walk along this road so you walk past Sun Plaza and the Nakano Ward Office on your right. Cross the road to the Lawson convenience store which is just at the entrance of Nakano Central Park (or Nakano Shiki no Mori Park in Japanese). DNS Power Café is in the Nakano Central Park South building on the ground floor.

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